Fun packed disco parties for kidsStress free entertainment for grown ups
Tel: 01278 393100


Q1:When are you available?

A1:You can check our availability by clicking here.

Q1:How much do you charge?

A1:You can get an instant quote by clicking here.

Q1:Can we book custom timings?

A1:Only the times listed here are available.

Q1:What equipment / lights do you have?

A1:Please take a look at the videos on our home page, these represent a typical disco setup.

Q1:Do you have a bubble or snow machine?

A1:We have a bubble machine and a snow machine, however these can only be used outside due to the floor becoming too slippery for people to walk on :-(

Q1:Do you have a smoke or haze machine?

A1:We do, however please check with the venue as to whether these are permitted because most venues are now fitted with sensitive smoke alarms.

Q1:Do you play games?

A1:Our aim for children's parties is to make the event as stress free as possible for the grown ups. We're more than happy to host all the party games for you if you require. These can include limbo, musical bumps, mummy wrapping, dance offs etc.

Q1:Do you have any references?

A1:Yes, we ask all our customers to write a review / testimonial and submit these to the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme.

Q2:Are there any minimum or maximum numbers of guests?

A2:No, you can invite as many or as little guests as you like, there are no additional charges.

Q3:How long does it take for you to set up or pack away?

A3:We require 45 minutes to setup our equipment before the event begins, then a further 30 minutes to pack away after the event ends.